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I'm surprised that I'm getting messages to my tumblr still, some of them are kind and the others--like the one I got this morning--are not. 

But, I'm still on haitus from there, I don't know when I'll be able to return I just know that I WANT to. I still have very good friends over there on tumblr, and sometimes I'll sneak in a message or two on the IM to talk to them about a certain post or to let them know that I drew/wrote something for them--or just to say hi, lol. I also missed drawing neopets stuff for them and others to see.

But at the same time there's just....a lot of drama over there and somehow my sister and I keep finding ourselves amidst it all, and I HATE that. Especially 'cause my sister and I don't want any part of it, we draw or write to keep people's mind off of it but others will laugh it off and create drama over the smallest things saying it's their 'job' or something trivial like that. One person in particular reblogged a pic of mine and turned it into a meme....look, I'm all for memes, alright? And I know my art isn't fuckin' perfect but I worked so hard on that doodle and seeing it get tossed around and having people laugh at it instead of--no, no no I won't go into it. But know that I've been having trouble drawing anything with Neopets and anything with that specific pairing since that incident happened. Which absolutely sucks because I love the pairing to death, it's a great dynamic to explore, and now I can't fucking draw it. Write it? Sure, but I'm a visual person and feeling that I can no longer draw those two together breaks my heart.

'Nother drama thing, but it is justified as to what I'm doing: I loved someone very much, we met on tumblr, drawing and writing Neopets together n' shit like that. One day, [take note: two years after we've known with each other] we just stop talking, my sister insists it's because she's busy but I had a feeling that it's actually from someone we both knew being a jerk....anyways, I had always correlated mine and this girl's relationship with Owl City songs [because I'm a sappy person] and after all that drama went down whenever Owl City came on I thought of her and began crying--not the good crying, either. 

I was able to fix all of this by drawing Gregg and Angus to Owl City once my sister and I had finished playing Night in the Woods, I felt like that channeling these songs into something else would help and to my relief, it has. I feel like I can finally move on now [and kinda, sorta, focus on someone else I've had feelings for... >//v//> ]

So yeah, recap: I'm getting messages still on tumblr--good and bad ones, and I'm still in this spiraling whirlwind of doubt that people only appreciate my work so they can turn it into the butt of a joke. Besides, what's the point of spending 6-7 hours on a drawing if others are going to make fun of it? 

ANYWAYS, if you made it through all of this then you get a cookie. Pixel: Cookie And a hug. //hugs// sorry for ranting. 

TL;DR: I'm an anxiety/sad wreck today, also I just feel that art is an important outlet and it should be respected, that's all. 

So yeah, I hope yall stay awesome, I love you guys. 
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I have a ton of interests ranging from comics, music, cartoons, games and ducks. I also draw and write things.

I also love to talk about headcanons and things, y'know, if you wanna chat.


Me: //trying to color in a MaeBea pic// 
Also Me: //can't see half of the fuckin' colors//

"Eye-drop tool don't fail me now."  
So you know how I said that I had 4 stories to do? Well, make that 6....the good news? Two of them are Night in the Woods fics, the bad news? How does one end a story?? 💁
Got a new story idea that involves Gregg, Angus and Gregg's, why couldn't I have gotten this idea back at home? oTL
I'm laughing so much at this fanfic I'm writing because Gregg is totally me and we're both embarrassing as Eff.
Had a panic attack at work--which is weird because?? I was fine today?? Im tired, yes, but ugh.....


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Uuuuhhm, like, ages ago dude. o<o Though I made a folder for you too lmao
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I know about that, but i never saw the 'videogame' folder before until now. 
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Your art is just amazing ♥ I don't understand why u don't get that much of attention like dude look at that incredible gallery :-; You drawings style is just amazing
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Aaaaaaaaaaa! Thank you so so so muchhh!! 
You and your words are too kind, asjdkajsnd--
Stormourner Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017
omg Mae's club dance, I love her twerking X3
thesuckerpunched Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, me too! It's one of my fav gifs. :V
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